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Marvel Avengers Vinyl Decals (26 to choose from) - Stickers for Laptop, Car Window, and Bumper


Marvel Avengers Vinyl Decals / Stickers

Choose from 26 Marvel Avengers-themed icons and symbols. Pick your favorite Avenger, or pick several to make a set! They’ll always match and look fantastic together! All designs have been “remastered” for smooth lines, sharp corners, and a clean overall look. Most designs can be cut as small as 1.5″ in diameter and still look great!

When placing your order, please specify the decal(s) using the legend/key below, as well as the size and quantity. Then, be sure to specify the color (white or black) in the “Add your personalization” box. If you have questions throughout the order process, just ask! Need a decal not pictured? I can design one in just a day or two!


A- Captain Marvel
B – Captain America
C – Black Widow
D – Black Panther
E – S.H.I.E.L.D.
F – Ant-man
G – Winter Soldier
H – War Machine
I – Vision
J – Thor
K – Spiderman
L – Spiderman (alternate)
M – Avengers
N – Scarlet Witch
O – Quicksilver
P – Nick Fury
Q – Ironman
S – Hulk
T – Falcon
U – Hawkeye
V – Hawkeye (alternate)
W – Doctor Strange
X – Deadpool
Y – Deadpool (alternate)
Z – Guardians of the Galaxy
AA – Spiderman Homecoming

These are high-quality vinyl die-cut decals; not stickers. Vinyl is waterproof, heat-resistant, fade resistant, and tear resistant; lasting 2-5 years on most indoor and outdoor applications. Despite a permanent hold, it is removable with the right technique.

Perfect for car windows, bumpers, tailgates, laptops, notebooks, MacBooks, and other smooth surfaces.

Be sure to measure the space where your decal is intended to ensure a good fit. Not sure what size to order? Ask a question! Custom sizes are available via the Customize option.

* Each decal is printed and/or cut on-demand.
* I specialize in designs for popular movies, games, brands, and more.
* I “remaster” low-resolution images to ensure a high-quality cut.
* All decals match and appear as though they belong together in a set.
* Each decal comes with a transparent transfer sheet.
* I ship your decal(s) in a rigid, flat mailer to avoid damage in transit.

My preferred adhesive vinyls are Siser EasyPSV and Cricut/Cricut Premium Vinyl. Your decal will arrive on transfer paper that eases alignment and application. I make every attempt to order these materials for consistency and reliability of my products. However, should these be unavailable, I will communicate with you to provide you details, suggested alternatives, as well as the option for a full refund.

This item is not a licensed product. I do not claim ownership of any character, logo, or image used in our designs. Any copyrights and/or trademarks used in our designs belong to their respective owners and are not being sold. You are paying for my time, services, and supplies in creating, customizing, and assembling these items for your own personal use.